Katja Oskamp interviewed in the Irish Times

The Irish Times today released this lovely interview with Katja Oskamp, the author of Marzahn, Mon Amour and translator Jo Heinrich. Interviewed by author Edel Coffey, the article can be read at – https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/2023/05/31/marzahn-mon-amour-the-2023-dublin-literary-award-winner-is-a-masterclass-in-perspective/

Edel writes: “Marzahn, Mon Amour is a masterclass in perspective, with its Zen-like understanding of life, ageing and death. The book makes a heartwarming case for the ultimate importance of community, kindness and friendship. The small kindnesses Oskamp performs for her clients are a tender reminder that the tiniest acts can have a huge impact, just as the book reminds us that the tiniest lives can be profoundly meaningful.”