The Peirene Stevns Translation Prize

Open to all translators without a published novel, this prize looks not only to award great translation but also to offer new ways of entry into the world of professional translation. The winner receives a £3,500 commission to translate a text selected by Peirene Press, the opportunity to spend two months at a retreat in the Pyrenees and a dedicated one-on-one mentorship throughout the translation process. 

The Peirene Stevns Prize focuses on a different language each year and is open for submissions from October to January. 

The inaugural winner of the prize, J Ockenden, has recently completed their stay in the Pyrenees and submitted their manuscript. Peirene No. 31 Snow, Dog, Foot will be sent out to subscribers in December and published in February 2021!

I worked on this story of bitter Alpine harshness from the comfort of an idyllic mill in the Pyrenees, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Martha Stevns. In creating the Peirene Stevns Translation Prize, she and the Peirene Press have provided an unparalleled opportunity for young translators to see their work in print. I am incredibly grateful to them and I look forward to reading many more translations by future prize-winners!’ 

With thanks to Martha Stevns, without whom this prize would not be possible. 

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