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The Love of Singular Men
by Victor Heringer

Translated from Portuguese by James Young

Rio de Janeiro, the 1970s. One hot Brazilian summer, Camilo meets Cosme and the two teenage boys discover a new kind of tenderness. But an act of violence will shatter their intimate world, and change the trajectory of their young lives. At once an incisive exploration of Brazilian society and a tender account of first love, first grief and revenge, The Love of Singular Men is a powerful and exhilarating novel, which sparkles with wit and playful ingenuity throughout.

‘When you read something genuinely new it’s hard to describe it, and The Love of Singular Men is truly a singular novel. It’s ingenious like Cortazar or Nabokov, elliptical like Grace Paley, funny like Donald Barthelme. Upon finishing it you want to immediately meet the young man who wrote it, shake him vigorously by the hand and congratulate him on the beginning of a brilliant career. But Victor Heringer is gone. He left this beautiful book behind.’

Zadie Smith, author of White Teeth and Swing Time

Coming Next

As the Eagle Flies

by Nolwenn Le Blevennec, translated by Madeleine Rogers

Out to subscribers August 2023. Published October 2023.

This is the story of an affair, or two. The narrator of As The Eagle Flies has been with Igor for seven years, and has two children with him – when she meets Joseph. Before long, they are deeply entangled with each other, and she has to decide between the life she knows with Igor and this unpredictable, and potentially destructive, affair. She is willing to start again with Joseph, but at what cost? And does he feel the same way? With a sharp wit and a refreshing honesty, she charts the course of both of these relationships, using literature, psychology, and popular culture to get to the heart of questions about love, family and identity. This is a book about getting lost in other people, and the lengths we go to to find ourselves again.

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