We’ve done It too!


On Wednesday Peirene and I had our first ever sales conference. Sales conference virgins that’s what we were in the morning. By the evening the act had been consummated. I planned it meticulously, I have to admit, leaving little to chance. I glammed myself up with lipstick and earrings and drank a cup of Zen tea to get the mood going. On a mission, determined that today would be the day.


Were we swept off our feet? Yes,  it was pure delight!  I have to say, we were lucky with our partners. Not only were they understanding, gentle and nice. More than that, they actually really liked us and got quite excited about our covers (they stroked them), our texts (they wanted more) and Peirene’s first ever proper catalogue (they whispered endearing words). And that’s not all! They are also convinced that booksellers will be infatuated too – with the books, that is, I should probably take myself out of the equation here now.


So there can be no doubt, Peirene and I are indeed sales-conf active and don’t need any longer feel left out and that ALL the other publishers are doing it but not us. We – the only ones, the last ones! That’s history. I hereby announce that Peirene and I have lost our sales-conf virginity.

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