The Importance of a Glam Business Card

When I set up Peirene four year ago, I knew I wanted a nice business card in order to make a good impression. After all, at that point we hadn’timg-20120923-00177 yet published a single book. We used litho printing on uncoated, environmentally friendly paper. I felt proud to hand out my card.

A couple of months ago I ran out of business cards. We had to reprint and I ordered a digital print run on cheap, plastic coated paper. Peirene’s reputation is now firmly established with books that bear witness to our quality. I no longer need business cards to show myself off – or so I thought.

When the cards arrived, Peirene took one look and told me that she will no longer accompany me to any networking events. ‘These cards are an embarrassment. I’m sorry I don’t want to be associated with them,’ she insisted and has stayed home ever since.

‘You are spoilt,’ I thought and braved the world without the Nymph. But I soon realized that each time I handed over my card, I felt like apologizing and launching into an explanation that ‘our books are really much better quality.’ Only biting my tongue prevented me from making a fool of myself.

Eventually I had to admit that Peirene was right about the cards. I have now reordered the old cards. A woman has to feel proud of her accessories otherwise she can’t do the job properly.

‘You have the classic modern woman syndrome.’ Peirene smiles at me smugly.

‘And that is?’ I raise an eyebrow.

‘You find it hard to treat yourself well and acquire the small things in life that you know will make you feel happy.’

‘Ordering a new batch of high quality business cards will make me a couple of hundred quid poorer, hardly a small thing.’ I justify my decision to have opted for the cheap version initially.

‘True. However, from now on you will have me by your side again when you’re networking – and all that for a couple of hundred pounds. Quite a bargain.’ Then she adds with a broad, cheeky grin: ‘Because, let’s face it, it’s not your business card but my sparkle that opens doors.’ And before I can reply anything, she has left the room and shouts from the staircase: ‘Give me a call when the cards have arrived and I shall duly appear.’

Truth to tell, I am pleased that the Nymph will again be accompanying me to my networking outings.  She has style and now so too do my business cards.

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