The Anglo-Saxon Pallet

The year 2013 is undoubtedly turning into my husband’s lucky year. He has received a lot of positive write-ups in my blog recently. And todayPallets. Image by sarae I owe him another thanks. Although the man clearly doesn’t know his ‘palate’ from his ‘pallet’, his weak proof-reading skills have revealed that Peirene’s newsletter is indeed read with huge interest world-wide.

On Thursday evening I asked him to proofread the April newsletter. He claimed he did, so on Friday I sent the e-mail into the wide world with the sentence ‘Our German Mussel Feast continues to excite the Anglo-Saxon pallet.’ I had a funny feeling about this newsletter but couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t have to wait long though. It took exactly five minutes and I received the first reply from a kind reader pointing out the typo. Since then there has been a steady stream.

I usually don’t get much response to the newsletter, one or two emails at most. So this is very exciting. People do indeed read our news carefully. I am thrilled, not least because they will now  all know about the forthcoming first ever Peirene novella-writing masterclass.

The masterclass was Peirene’s idea.  ‘If Faber and The Guardian can do it, we can do it too.’ She announced a few weeks ago. ‘And besides, no one offers novella writing classes. Aren’t we the experts in this genre? Let’s do it.’ I hesitated, worried from the beginning about the marketing. Would we get the word out to enough people? But The Nymph had no qualms.  ‘Who wouldn’t want to be taught by an ancient Greek Nymph.’ And when she found an experienced tutor, Shelley Weiner, who teaches for The Guardian …I was persuaded.

Since then we have printed and distributed flyers at places with the right target audience. We have contacted institutions and people who might help us to spread the word.  We have spoken to friends and sought advice. But after a gratifying initial rush we still have a few places remaining and, currently no new takers. Peirene remains full of confidence.  ‘Don’t you worry,’ she pats my hand. ‘We still have a few weeks to go until the 18th of May.’  She pauses, then adds: ‘And let me do my part to promote the course: I will give up my Saturday morning on the 18th of May in order to welcome each course participant personally.’

What an amazing kind Nymph- offer. So, dear readers, help to spread the word and mention the masterclass to friends, colleague and relatives. This is your unique chance for an inspirational encounter with an Ancient Greek Nymph.

Image by sarae.

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