Summer Time

This will be my last blog until September. I will take a summer blog break.

As we all know there is stuff we can write about on blogs. And there is other stuff that should not be discussed publicly.Cottage. Image by  Anguskirk

In the next two months I will do and see things I cannot put onto this blog.

For a start I have rented a cottage all on my own, without husband or children or anyone. For two weeks. Somewhere in England. There I will read a lot of books in the search of Peirene’s 2015 series. For each book that I will like there will be at least fifteen to twenty rejections. This is a nasty business and upsetting for many authors and agents and publishers. I’d better not go into details online.

Then I am off again. To one of the channel islands. My mother-in-law has invited us. To a fortified fort that is cut off from the main island during high tide. Now, my mother-in-law is a lovely woman and we get on well. Usually. I hope our love will be strong enough to survive being marooned in the middle of the English Channel.

Upon my return to the office a blood bath will ensue. The Nymph is already unhappy because I am going away and she will be in a horrible mood when I return. Otherwise I have high hopes for my summer. I hope you do for yours.  Peirene and I will see you back here at the beginning of September.

Image by Anguskirk.

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