Summer Affair


Confessionistas – women writers who bare it all. Their aim: to describe the complex life of modern women. At least according to an article in thepicture-002 Observer this Sunday. So, my immediate thought upon reading the piece was, should I bare ALL or at least MORE in this blog? For the sake of my nymph’s books of course.


Where to start? I could confess to a recent gruesome divorce or a summer affair or change in sexual orientation. All this would surely reveal the true nature of the complex life of the modern woman that I am. And in addition would undoubtedly increase the readership of this blog and thus hopefully would lead to more sales of the books.


And now would be the perfect time to do it. If I find myself regretting the excess honesty I can just take the blog entry down from the website with no harm done as I am 100% sure that no one will even know about it, because ….


 Everyone is on holiday.


It started on Wednesday, when I received a couple of replies to emails I had sent the previous week – “sorry for the late reply, I am in the South of France and with limited internet access.” By Thursday I got an increasing numbers of automated out-of office/on holiday replies and by Friday afternoon I suddenly realized that I am the only one left in the whole wide world who is still sending out emails and attempting to get things done.


And now we are at the heart of my problem. I don’t have time nor energy to take on those escapades that apparently distinguish modern, sophisticated women.  It may be dull – it’s certainly unglamorous – but I’m just too busy. And that worries me. Perhaps I ought to at least go for the gruesome divorce. I can then confess to it publicly and be a modern woman. In the meantime, I advise anyone who reads this blog entry to spread the word, so even the people on holiday will click on this site as not to miss out when all is revealed.

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