‘Oooh, isn’t it exciting!’ Peirene exclaims. It’s the morning after our 26th Salon. The Nymph and I are moving boxes from the bedroom back into the office… Well, I’m moving boxes. 5639337229_3525809995_zWhile I’m pushing them along the corridor, Peirene sits on top, dangling her feet over the edge and enjoying the ride. Then she starts jumping from one to the next.

I let her be. I, too, am in a good mood. I always like this part of the clearing up.  Before putting everything back into its place, I go through the boxes with flyers, newspapers and books and reorganise the half full ones in order to reduce the clutter. At the same time I look through one or two bookshelves, throwing out books I know I won’t read again.

Peirene is now dancing in her socks on top of the coffee table. ‘I’m being really useful,’ she announces, ‘I’m cleaning the table.’

Indeed, it begins to shine. ‘Yesterday evening has given me so much energy.’ She steps down from the table, fetches the duster and runs it along the skirting boards, humming: ‘I love, love, love to clean.’

For a moment I stare bewildered at my Nymph. This is not normal behaviour. On the other hand, I don’t want to interrupt her. She is doing good work.

‘Do you know why I’m so nice to you, ‘ she eventually asks as she is wiping my computer screen.

I shake my head. I’m hoping that her newly found enthusiasm won’t stop too soon.

‘Because you were very nice to me last night.’

I wrinkle my forehead. I have no idea what she means.

‘You made sure the party finished on time. By midnight everyone had left. And by half past twelve I was in bed. That’s all an Ancient Greek Nymph needs to be happy: to get enough sleep.’

I laugh. ‘And that’s all a middle aged woman needs too. I’m so pleased we were all in bed just after midnight.’ I move one last box and ask myself what the nymph and I should do next.

Peirene provides the answer, ‘Actually an Ancient Greek Nymph also needs a Sunday afternoon nap.’ She hands me the duster. ‘And once you’re done here, don’t forget, the kitchen is still waiting for your attention.’

Image by Jared Wong.

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