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  • Description

    A collection of three incredible books about the refugee experience – including new release Peirene Now! No. 3 Shatila Stories

    Our ‘Stories of Refuge’ collection includes a novel about the lives of children living through civil war, a collection of stories based on interviews conducted in the Calais Jungle before it was destroyed and Shatila Stories, a book written by nine Syrian and Palestinian refugees. This collection unflinchingly examines what it is like to be a refugee with three incredible books that will transport you across the world whilst hitting close to home. Available for a short time only!

    Stories of Refuge includes: 

    Peirene No. 23 The Orange Grove, written by Larry Tremblay and translated by Sheila Fischman.

    Peirene Now! No. 1 breach, written by Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes.

    Peirene Now! No. 3 Shatila Stories, written by nine Syrian and Palestinian refugee writers and translated by Nashwa Gowanlock.



  • About the Books

    Peirene No. 23 The Orange Grove

    War takes no prisoners. It involves everyone – even children.

    Twin brothers, Ahmed and Aziz, live in the peaceful shade of their family’s orange grove. But when a bomb kills the boys’ grandparents, they become pawns in their country’s civil war. Blood demands more blood and, at the command of a local militant group, either Ahmed or Aziz must strap on a belt of explosives and make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Peirene Now! No. 1 breach

    Calais is a border town. Between France and Britain. Between us and them. The eight short stories in this collection explore the refugee crisis through fiction. They give voice to the hopes and fears of both sides. Dlo and Jan break into refrigerated trucks bound for the UK. Marjorie, a volunteer, is happy to mingle in the camps until her niece goes a step too far. Mariam lies to her mother back home. With humour, insight and empathy, breach tackles an issue that we can no longer ignore.

    In breach, the authors beautifully capture a multiplicity of voices – refugees, volunteers, angry citizens – whilst deftly charting a clear narrative path through it all. Each story is different in tone, and yet they complement one another perfectly. Taken as a whole, this stands as an empathetic and probing collage, where the words ‘home’, ‘displacement’ and ‘integration’ come to mean many things as the collection progresses to a moving finale.

    Peirene Now! No. 3 Shatila Stories

    Most novels are written by professional writers using second hand material. Not this one. Peirene commissioned nine refugees to tell their ‘Shatila Stories’. The result is  a piece of collaborative fiction unlike any other. If you want to understand the chaos of the Middle East – or you just want to follow the course of a beautiful love story – start here.

    Adam and his family flee Syria and arrive at the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut. Conditions in this overcrowded Palestinian camp are tough, and violence defines many of the relationships: a father fights to save his daughter, a gang leader plots to expand his influence, and drugs break up a family. Adam struggles to make sense of his refugee experience, but then he meets Shatha and starts to view the camp through her eyes.