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    Gift a year of translated novellas!

    Your gift recipient will receive three books of world-class translated fiction delivered straight to their door.

    ‘A class act’ The Guardian

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  • What they receive

    Three books of world-class translated literature delivered straight to your gift recipients door.

    If you sign up a lucky person today their first book will be Peirene No. 31 Snow, Dog, Foot  – sent out in time for Christmas!

    Introducing our 2020 series: Closed Universe.

    In December we start the year up in the Italian alps…

    Adelmo Farandola doesn’t like people. In summer he roams the valleys, his only company a talkative, cantankerous old dog and a young mountain ranger who, Adelmo Farandola suspects, is spying on him. When winter comes, man and dog are snowed in. With stocks of wine and bread depleted, they pass the time squabbling over scraps, debating who will eat the other first. Spring brings a more sinister discovery that threatens to break Adelmo Farandola’s already faltering grip on reality: a man’s foot poking out of the receding snow.

    Then in April we journey to northernmost Norway…

    Seabirds in northern Norway share the parenting of chicks equally. Even in the twenty-four-hour darkness of winter they care for their young together. Among these birds a research scientist makes her home in an abandoned fisherman’s hut. Surrounded by nature, she observes the birds for her PhD and waits for her lover to arrive. As the days pass, secrets of the cabin’s past are revealed: a mysterious fire; a tragedy from generations long ago; a child who waits for their mother to return. Perhaps what comes naturally for seabirds is not always so natural to us…

    In August we end the year on the outskirts of Tbilisi in Georgia…

    Lela knows two things to be absolutely true:
    i. The history teacher has to die.
    ii. Across the pear field lies freedom.
    In post-soviet Georgia, on the outskirts of Tbilisi, on the corner of Kerch St., is an orphanage. Its teachers offer pupils lessons in violence, abuse and neglect. Lela is old enough to leave but has nowhere else to go. She stays and plans for the children’s escape, for a future she hopes to give to Irakli, a young boy in the home. When an American couple visits, offering the prospect of a new life, Lela decides she must do everything she can to give Irakli this chance.

    Your gift recipient will also receive:  

    • Access to the online Subscriber Book Club
    • Exclusive extras including prize draws, author Q&As and a monthly podcast! 
  • What you support

    A Peirene subscription is unique. Not only will your recipient receive their books far before they reach bookshops but they’ll also become a part of our Peirene community, making our work possible. 

    Peirene only publishes first time English translations. With the support of our subscribers we are able to take bold risks and translate vital works that might never have reached English readers.

    In 2018 we translated from three new countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

    Peirene No. 25 Soviet Milk was called ‘Latvia itself talking’ by The New European.

    Peirene No. 26 Shadows on the Tundra was called ‘a classic’ by The Spectator.

    Peirene No. 27 And the Wind Sees All was called ‘a heart-warming gem’ by The Sunday Times.

    A subscription also supports:

    • Our charity work: 50p from each book we sell goes to charity. Last year we sent over £3500 pounds to counterpoint arts.
    • Our commitment to gender equality – 60% of our authors and 70% of our translators are women.
    • Our work with Basmeh & Zeitooneh in nine refugee camps throughout Lebanon and Turkey giving refugees a voice.

    Read more about our social activism here.