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    Three world class translated novels delivered over the course of a year for a special person.

    Sign someone up to the next three Peirene books. Between now and March 2019 they will receive three books of world-class literature on their doorstep. The first book, Peirene No. 27 And the Wind Sees All will arrive beautifully gift-wrapped, with the choice of adding a personalised message from you.

    The next title, Peirene No. 28 Children of the Cave, will get to them in December with a third book following in March of 2019!

    ‘An invaluable contribution to our cultural life.’ ANDREW MOTION

    ‘A class act.’ THE GUARDIAN

    The purchase of a Peirene subscription supports the curation of our future titles, allowing us to continue to bring you the best literature from Europe.

    And, as an added bonus, subscribers receive the following reward:

    – 40% discount for themselves and a guest on all Peirene events.


  • About the next book

    Peirene No. 27 And the Wind Sees All is an Icelandic novel that takes place in the span of two minutes.

    A girl in a polkadot dress is cycling through an Icelandic fishing village. Her name is Kata and she is the village choir conductor. As she passes, we glimpse the members of the village: a priest with a gambling habit, an old brother and sister who have not talked for years, and a sea captain who has lost his son. But perhaps the most interesting story of all belongs to the young woman on the bicycle. Why is she reticent to talk about her past?

    Written by Guðmundur Andri Thorsson and translated from the Icelandic by Bjørg Arnadottir and Andrew Cauthery, And the Wind Sees All is an exploration of relaxing Nordic hygge with a passion for people at its heart.

    ‘An exceptional novel, full of music, sun and longing.’ Fréttablaðið

    ‘Captures the imagination, fires up the senses, a delightful read from beginning to end.’ Morgunblaðið

  • 2019 Books

    At the edge of the map, in uncharted waters, just out of sight: there be monsters…

    A Finnish Victorian Gothic, a German autofiction exploration of memory from the author of The Mussel Feast, and a spellbinding French collection of short stories about those on the fringes of society.

    Children of the Cave by Virve Sammalkorpi

    ‘It’s dangerous to be different where everyone else is alike. Have you noticed?’

    1819. Iax Agolasky, a young assistant to a notable French explorer, sets off on a journey to the Russian wilderness. They soon discover a group of creatures living in a cave: children with animal traits. But are they animals, or are they human? Faced with questions of faith, science and the fundamentals of truth, tensions rise in the camp. Soon the children’s safety becomes threatened and Agolasky needs to act.

    You Would Have Missed Me by Birgit Vanderbeke

    By the author of Peirene’s bestseller The Mussel Feast. A family is torn apart by their dream of a better future in the West. A true story narrated through the eyes of a child.

    West Germany, early 1960s: A little girl arrives with her parents from East Germany in a camp for displaced people. The girl’s father is abusive, the mother ignores her. Soon she will celebrate her seventh birthday and all she wants is a cat. Instead she receives an illuminated globe. The girl can’t hide her disappointment – but then she discovers that the globe offers her a way to escape the misery of the camp.

    Faces on the Tip of My Tongue by Emmanuelle Pagano

    Meetings, partings, loves and losses in rural France are dissected with compassion.

    The late wedding guest isn’t your cousin but a drunken chancer. The driver who gives you a lift isn’t going anywhere but off the road. Snow settles on your car in summer and the sequins found between the pages of a borrowed novel will make your fortune. Pagano’s stories weave together the mad, the mysterious and the dispossessed of a rural French community with  honesty and humour. A superb, cumulative collection from a unique French voice.