Publisher at the Poolside

New businesses are to be treated with caution, in particular a new small business set up by a person whose name when you google it, does not DSC08357reveal a celebrity status or a secret tycoon. What guaranties will you have that this business is indeed a serious enterprise run by a capable person? None. I could be deluded, I could be a pretender, I could be a woman without substance. I could be a woman who sits by the poolside painting her nails, dreaming her dreams but  lacking focus, drive and abilities.

And I cannot blame you. Indeed, I came across one of those small new “publishers” only recently. I got terribly excited, especially since this publisher is doing translations, too. In my continuous search to find allies in this huge vast world, I immediately wondered if and how we could team up. And at first everything looked good – a business card, a logo, a website, books in the pipeline. We talked about distribution and sales, the publisher clearly had an idea. Then I inquired a bit further about the first book which had not yet been published. “It will come out soon. It’s a very difficult book. I came across it for the first time ten years ago and fell in love immediately. I have been reediting it for the last four years. But it’s now nearly done.” My heart sank. This publishers was clearly not one for getting the job done!

So who – in the face of the pictorial evidence – can blame you to wonder  if I  too am only a woman who manages to get her toe nails painted and not much else!

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