Nymph on Politics

‘So, the election…,’ Peirene says. But I interrupt her with a stern voice:6660241449_ec366e2044_z

‘Peirene, we don’t talk politics here are on the blog.’

She pauses for a moment, before she calmly finishes her sentence:

‘…. I really hope that they might forget about the EU referendum.’

‘I agree,’ I mumble.  ‘But I doubt it.’

There is a silence. Then the Nymph can no longer hold back:

‘What century do they live in? The world has become so interconnected. We can’t just sit on this island and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist.’

Once again I nod in agreement.

‘We need to do something!,’ Peirene says emotionally.

‘We’re already doing something by publishing foreign literature. That’s our contribution to broaden people’s minds, ’ I try to calm the Nymph down.

‘I know I know.’ Peirene shakes her head. ‘But our reach isn’t wide enough. More urgent action is required.’

I throw a side-glance at my Nymph. She has a determined look on her face.

‘I’ve got it,’ she suddenly announces.  ‘We need people to focus on the future.’

I’m intrigued to hear her vision.

‘In a few generations, due to the rising sea level this island will sink. Then all of sudden the British will want to be best friends with the Europeans because they will be desperate to find new homes.’

Peirene may be an inspirational nymph but her political forecasting aims high – and then goes even higher.

‘Are you sure people will care enough about future generations?’ I question in an even tone and add: ‘Humans don’t think about the long term’.

‘But I’m not human. I’m a Greek Nymph,’ Peirene beams across her face. ‘And I will still be around in a hundred years – and so will the next generation of Peirene subscribers. So, when this island sinks I will put in a good word with my fellow Greeks and other mainland Europeans – and tell them that broad-minded Peirene subscribers wouldn’t have wanted to leave the EU in the first place. An EU ferry will come and rescue them while everyone else will have to swim.’

Peirene stands up, ready for action.

‘I’m their only hope. It’s a pity I am one week too late. Otherwise I might have stood as an MP’.

Image by garlandcannon.

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