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We are an animal whose life-breath is that of spoken, painted, sculptured, sung dreams.

(George Steiner)

In his book Grammars of Creation the English critic George Steiner pleas for the importance of art. Without art, he argues, there would be no community on earth. I had to think about his point when I watched “The Road” the other day. For once, the film is just as good as the book. Faced with the challenge of survival mankind degenerates into savage barbarism. Father and son try to preserve their humanity. How do they do it? The father tells the son a story. He tells him that they ‘carry the fire’ inside them. It’s this idea that will keep the son on the straight path once the father has gone.

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So, I am thrilled that Peirene is doing her bit to ensure the continuation of the art of story telling. Peirene Title No 2 Stone in a Landslide was launched last month. We had a hugely successful launch party with the actress Claire Skinner (if you missed it, don’t worry, you can watch the video here) and our first BBC radio interview. Also, Peirene now features on facebook and twitter, letting you know of any news and reviews immediately. Finally I have been elected a committee member of the Authors Club. This organisation gives out such prestigious prizes as the First Novel Award and the Dolman Best Travel Book award.

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I’ve recently been asked by a Lit Blogger about planned summer reads. A wonderful question as it focuses the mind. Since I spend most of time reading short fiction to see what is suitable for Peirene and translation into English, I do love long books for my hols. This year it will be Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. Over the years, I’ve read many extracts from it but never bothered to read it from first to large page. Sadly I won’t aim for all six volumns. Swann’s Way and Within a Budding Grove must suffice.

Good luck with sorting your summer reads.

Best wishes Meike

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