‘Wonderfully original’ – Peirene No. 28 Children of the Cave reviewed by The Sunday Times

We’ve just had a surprise review of Peirene No. 28 Children of the Cave pop up from David Mills, managing editor of arts and leisure at The Sunday Times!

He was struck by just how ‘artfully constructed’ the novel is as an exercise in fictional expedition writing – so much so that, as he says, ‘you have to keep reminding yourself it isn’t true’.

Opening up Sunday’s paper to see a Peirene novel called an ‘extraordinary book that’s worth seeking out’ – that feeling never gets old.

Read the full review here: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/magazine/culture/the-best-new-foreign-novels-a-tale-of-doomed-11th-century-lovers-opens-our-pick-25zrclv6h

If you haven’t already read Children of the Cave, maybe this is the thing that sways you. Get your copy here: https://www.peirenepress.com/shop/books/children-of-the-cave/ 




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