The TLS calls Peirene No. 24 Dance by the Canal ‘a pitch-perfect English translation.’

We’ve been inundated with reviews in The Time Literary Supplement as of late. Only two weeks ago we discovered a glowing review of Peirene Now! No. 2 The Cut in an insightful article about political literature. Now a wonderful review of Peirene No. 24 Dance by the Canal has appeared!

‘A pitch-perfect English translation … the book’s rich, complex treatment of unstable borders – a vanishing geopolitical line between East and West, shifting socioeconomic categories, and above all the violated boundaries of Gabriela’s psyche and body – makes it a brilliant choice for the series.’ Jane Yager, The TLS

We’re delighted to see a mention of Jen Calleja’s translation in The TLS, the slippery winding prose of Dance by the Canal was so perfectly evoked in her English translation.