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Every pledge of £15 (the cover price of the book) or more will not only guarantee you a copy of Shatila Stories published next July, but also a smile and an air kiss from The Nymph. Difficult to resist, I hope!

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In case you missed my previous newsletter and wonder what Shatila Stories is about: it’s a collaborative piece of literature commissioned by Peirene, written by nine Syrian and Palestinian refugee writers from the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut.

As we all know publishing in the 21st century is a tricky business, however the production of Shatila Stories is complicated further by the nature of the project, which transcends cultures, demands an understanding of refugees and requires a willingness to engage with their cause. We believe, this is something only a small publisher is brave enough to do.

‘I’ve needed this opportunity for such a long time. I had a lot of thoughts to write down but I didn’t know how to direct and express them. I now learnt how to organise them and I’m so happy to write the story.’ Omar Ahmad, author, Shatila Stories

Helping the Shatila refugee writers to tell their stories, while producing a book that delivers results for them, was never going to be an easy feat, but it can be done with your support. Pledging £15 & securing your copy of Shatila Stories can assist us with this bold achievement and allow us to produce something special in the process.

We are hoping to raise £8500. This figure will help us to cover costs for aspects of book production, such as the writers’ fees, translator’s fee and the printing costs. It does not pay for our time travelling to Lebanon, time spent editing the book, or for our marketing and PR costs.

If you click through to our Kickstarter campaign, you will also find a short video that we made in Shatila with the writers last month. And among the many rewards we offer, there are some lovely Christmas gift ideas, such as Shatila Stories & 2018 Peirene gift subscription, an art print of the Shatila Stories cover which will be a photo by photographer Paul Romans, and a trip to the Shatila camp with us next year to launch the book and meet the writers.