Peirene No. 31 Snow, Dog, Foot out to subscribers this week!

We’re so delighted to be sending off the first copies of Peirene No. 31 Snow, Dog, Foot, to our lovely subscribers this week. As the winner of our 2019 Peirene Stevns Translation Prize, J Ockenden spent ten weeks in the Pyrenees working on this impressive debut translation of Claudio Morandini’s novel. Here’s what Meike has to say about it:

“This strange little book stayed with me. Images slipped from the page and lodged themselves in my mind: the beautiful but hostile mountain, the isolated cabin, the grumpy old man who refuses to be helped and the stray dog in need of a friend. It is a book full of humour, grit and empathy that made me laugh and cry in equal measure.”

If that all sounds appealing to you but you’re not yet a subscriber (though really, what are you waiting for?) then worry not: Snow, Dog, Foot will be available in bookshops and on our website from February 2020. If you can’t wait that long, you can still subscribe now and get it in time for Christmas, as well as the rest of the Closed Universe series delivered to you throughout next year!

We’re really excited to share this one with you all – it’s the perfect read for a chilly winter’s day when you just want to stay inside in the warm – and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Happy reading!

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