Peirene No. 28 Children of the Cave reviewed by the TLS

Spotted by an eagle eyed reader was this wonderful review of Peirene No. 28 Children of the Cave in the TLS! Our first book of 2019, Children of the Cave explores questions of science, faith and humanity.

Tess Davidson writes that ‘Children of the Cave, translated by the mother-daughter team of Emily Jeremiah and Fleur Jeremiah, is a memorable depiction of how we seek to categorize markers of difference … The line between reality and fantasy is blurred by the shifting shadows of night and day. We see how violence can emanate from ignorance and confusion, the fear of the unknown.

Not only a wonderful review, but one that hit to the heart of the book. If you haven’t read Children of the Cave you can grab a copy here:¬†https://www.peirenepress.com/shop/books/children-of-the-cave/

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