Peirene No. 25 & 27 featured in ‘Best of 2018’ lists!

Firstly, most importantly, Happy New Year! I hope you’re well rested and well fed. Personally I have lost all abilities other than heating up mince pies so returning to work was rather a shock to my prosecco diluted system.

However, what made coming back all the more easier was the appearance of our wonderful 2018 books on ‘Best of 2018’ lists!

Our most recent book, Peirene No. 27 And the Wind Sees All, was listed by both Anne Goodwin and David’s Book World as one of their top reads of 2018.

Anne described the book as ‘about the darkness beneath the surface and our collective reluctance to acknowledge it exists.’ Click here to see the rest of Anne’s list. 

David said ‘I read this book only a few days ago and it made such an impression that it went straight on to my end-of-year list … Like the wind, the novel flows in and out of the lives of the villagers Kata cycles past, revealing secrets, losses, fears and joys. The writing is gorgeous.’ Read the rest of David’s list here. 

And finally, Peirene No. 25 Soviet Milk was featured by Five Books in their article ‘Best Baltic Literature of 2018.’

‘For readers from Western Europe, I think it’s a book that really sums up the Soviet experience … The perspectival shifts between mother and daughter, right down to the narrative voice, are brilliantly executed by Nora Ikstena.’ Read the full article here. 

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