Our 2019 series is here!

We’re delighted to reveal the theme and book covers of our 2019 series: There Be Monsters!

‘There be monsters,’ ‘there be lions,’ ‘there be dragons’ – whichever phrase was used, to readers of civilizations’ earliest maps the meaning was ubiquitous: beware of the unknown. Our new series explores the places off of the edge of the map, social outcasts and inhuman creatures. 

First comes No. 28 Children of the Cave, a Neo-Victorian Gothic tale from Finland, second is No. 29 You Would Have Missed Me, a German autofiction exploration of memory from the author of  No. 10 The Mussel Feast, and third comes No. 30 Faces on the Tip of My Tongue, a spellbinding French collection of short stories about those on the fringes of society.

We’re beyond excited about this collection and our new beautiful covers, we can’t wait for you to read the books – sign up here to our subscription service now to receive your first book before Christmas!




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