‘An invaluable memoir’ and ‘a triumph’ the EBRD Jury reviews Peirene books

After discovering that we had two books featured on the EBRD Literature Prize longest we’ve been itching to hear the judges thoughts. Peirene No. 25 Soviet Milk and Peirene Now! No. 3 Shatila Stories are two incredibly powerful books – but they are also very different. One set in Soviet era Latvia, the other painfully contemporary set in the heart of the Shatila refugee camp. Here’s what the EBRD Jury had to say:

Soviet Milk is an invaluable memoir of Latvia’s recent past, covering a span of five decades, from the end of WWII to the tottering of the Soviet monolith. It is also one of the most devastating novels I’ve ever read about women’s lives in any society.’ 

Shatila Stories is a triumph of collaborative, creative storytelling…the chapters are so painfully and astutely written ‘from inside’, the lives, loves and losses so authentic and unfabricated, that you are in deep mourning by the end – because this exquisite novel is over and that our fellow human beings should suffer so much.’

We can’t wait to see if one or even both of the books are shortlisted for the prize on February 18th!

Read about the rest of the shortlist here: http://www.eurolitnetwork.com/rivetingreviews-rosie-goldsmith-reviews-the-ebrd-longlist-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3MoeF21c7D1sS9tWP7PPTnZZ0P2Bvz2dT8bq70ZIogTVrpdqZyr6D-b3U

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