‘A haunting work…beautifully rendered by Jamie Bulloch’ – You Would Have Missed Me reviewed in the TLS

We absolutely loved opening up the TLS to find a wonderful review of You Would Have Missed Me from Anna Katharina Schaffner!

Commenting on the blackly comic tone that runs throughout the book, Anna called it ‘a haunting work that starts out lightheartedly, almost whimsically, only for its well-calculated blows to strike us all the harder when the true subject matter of the novel becomes apparent.’

She also praised Jamie Bulloch’s ‘beautifully rendered’ translation – highlighting the wonderful translator/author relationship that exists between Jamie and Birgit Vanderbeke.

If you haven’t already read Peirene No. 29, it’s a must!

Head here to order a copy: https://www.peirenepress.com/shop/new-releases/you-would-have-missed-me/

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