‘A dark fantasy’ – Children of the Cave reviewed by the European Literature Network

We were thrilled to spot a #RivetingReview of Peirene No. 28 Children of the Cave on the European Literature Network!

Lucy Popescu writes that ‘Virve Sammalkorpi’s award-winning novel, deftly translated into English by Emily and Fleur Jeremiah, weaves a dark fantasy from this material and raises interesting questions about the burdens of scientific research and the compromising of ethical considerations in the pursuit of knowledge.’

I couldn’t think of a better description of this novel than a ‘dark fantasy’! As always, Lucy’s review is thought provoking and powerful in and of itself. Read the whole review here: http://www.eurolitnetwork.com/rivetingreviews-lucy-popescu-reviews-children-of-the-cave-by-virve-sammalkorpi/

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