Gym Power

‘For all the weight training you do,’ Peirene loves teasing me, ‘I can’t really see much of a result. Where are your Michelle Obama arms?’Exercise. Image by  classic_film

I often wonder the same. I stand in front of the mirror in a sleeveless top. I lift my arms and tense my muscles – and there is not much to admire.

I go to the gym twice a week. I hate every minute of it. I started because I love running. Five years ago my hips and knees became painful. I was told I needed to do weight training if I want to continue with jogging to maintain equal muscle strength throughout my body.

Each time I attend the gym, I do three machines for the legs, three for the torso, three for the arms and one for the neck.  With summer and short sleeve dresses just around the corner, I’ve been eyeing my biceps, however, more with hope than expectation. But then this week my arms suddenly revealed their inner strength and gave me one mini-triumph and helped Peirene HQ avoid a mini-catastrophe.

First the triumph: I’ve beaten my 13-year old son in arm wrestling – twice. He’s just outgrown me by a centimeter and thought he’d have me under his thumb. Well, not yet. He’s distraught and has intensified his push-ups.

Then I saved the Peirene Masterclass from drowning.  On Thursday, during a Masterclass marketing meeting, Shelley, Claire and I suddenly heard water dripping from behind the fridge. It’s a big free standing fridge-freezer. With the kitchen in imminent danger of flooding I got up and pulled the fridge away from the wall. Without batting an eye lid. Nearly. Shelley, our Masterclass tutor, was impressed. ‘Do you work out?’ she asked.

So, my dear Peirene, I hope you no longer mock my arms, nor my weight training. In fact I advise you to join me at the gym. After all, I run across the Heath like a young goddess, you huff and puff next to me like an Ancient Greek Nymph.

Image by classic_film.

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