Excitements Ahead

16 years ago we got rid of our TV. It freed up our evenings. However, we kept a screen in the living room to watch DVDs. For many years weTV. Image by  when i was a bird enjoyed a film once a while.

Until a year ago. I discovered box sets. The Killing, Killing 2, Borgen, Borgen 2, Homeland. By the time I reached Breaking Bad in December, I regularly binged till 1 or 2am in the morning. And this, despite the fact that middle aged men going off the rails doesn’t really interest me.

Moreover, my husband and I developed a habit of ordering curry take-aways and DVDs every Friday evening. Initially we looked forward to a cosy evening on the sofa. Eventually these sessions became a luke-warm routine where one of us complained of boredom and headed to bed early.

New Year. New resolutions. A few days ago, we disconnected the screen in our living room, I brought the box sets to the charity shop and now we have big plans for Fridays evenings: listening to music, reading aloud and – who knows – going out for a romantic meal.

‘You think you will stick to it?’ Peirene asked when she rang to wish me a Happy New Year.

‘Yes.’ I replied with confidence. ‘I have become thoroughly bored with my own box set addiction. This is a good time for change.’

Then I turned the question: ‘What are your New Year’s resolutions?’

A big yawn came through the receiver. ‘I am not into the new year yet.’ She paused, then another yawn. ‘In fact, I was wondering if I could take another week off. I have unfinished business to attend to.’

‘What unfinished business?’ I asked. If it were a serious matter I would consider giving her another couple of days off. After all, she worked hard before the break.

She giggled slightly shamefully. ‘The Bridge, Wallander. And there is also a French crime series which sounds really good.’

The Nymph will be at her desk tomorrow morning. She has accused me of being a spoil sport. I on the other hand have made a few more New Year’s resolutions on behalf of us both: spend 15 minutes each morning to write your priority list for the day, take one hour at the beginning of the day and one hour at the end of the day to answer emails (in the meantime keep off emails) and have no more than five messages in your inbox by the end of the day. Also we will clean away all coffee mugs.

If we stick to these resolutions Peirene and I might reward ourselves: a Wallander weekend for girls only.

Image by when i was a bird.

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