Faces on the Tip of My Tongue book launch, with Joanna Walsh, Sophie Lewis, and Jennifer Higgins

24th October 2019

Cancel plans, make excuses, and join us for an evening of wine and conversation. Translators Sophie Lewis and Jennifer Higgins will be in discussion with writer and literary critic Joanna Walsh at Ink@84 on Thursday 24th October. We will be celebrating the release of Faces on the Tip of My Tongue, written by Emmanuelle Pagano. This brilliant new work marks Peirene’s 30th publication!

Pagano has won multiple awards for her writing, including the 2009 EU Prize for literature for her novel Les Adolescents Troglodytes (2007), and her work has been translated into twelve languages. She has been described as a ‘prose poet’ of the highest possible calibre (Christopher Reid), and this latest piece of experimental fiction is no exception.

In it you will find tales of late wedding guests, chauffeuring therapists, and wanderers by the roadside – all within one rural French community. It is a tale told in many voices, weaving in and out of its host of complex characters and bringing us extraordinarily close to the lives of those on the periphery.

Having worked with Emmanuelle Pagano on Trysting (And Other Stories, 2016) and a host of short stories, Sophie Lewis and Jennifer Higgins are the pair best-equipped to lead us through a discussion of the shared trauma and unspoken bonds that seep between Pagano’s pages.

Moderating the discussion will be Joanna Walsh: author, contributing editor at 3:AM, and founder of the @read_women twitter account devoted to amplifying women’s voices in the literary world.

Expect whoops of pleasure, tears of joy, and maybe even the odd glass of wine.

When: 7pm, Thursday 24th October

Where: Ink@84, 84 Highbury Park, N5 2XE, just a few minutes walk north of Highbury Barn.

£5 Tickets, including a welcoming glass of wine or cordial: https://www.ink84bookshop.co.uk/product-page/thur-oct-24th-faces-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue-with-joanna-walsh-7pm

Read more about Faces on the Tips of My Tongue here.



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