Cow Challenge

We have a dead cow in the freezer. My husband’s friend owns cows and every year he slaughters a couple. This year, my husband put in a big15725665381_9d82e39142_z order. An entire cow. And that despite the fact that we don’t eat much beef. So each time I open the freezer I feel annoyed with the cow. And my husband.

‘There is no space for my frozen peas.’ I slam the freezer door.

‘My, you are in a bad mood,’ the Nymph remarks from the kitchen sofa where she sits cross-legged and with a cup of tea in her hands.

‘Everything feels cramped. The freezer. My life. My head. There is no space. No space for anything at all.’ I start emptying the dishwasher with unusual vigour. Peirene, in the meantime, contemplatively sips her tea. Eventually she says: ‘I think you’re being unfair to yourself. Only yesterday you were very happy because you had mastered a new challenge.’

Earlier in the week, Monocle Radio had sent me an email inviting me to discuss the Saturday papers live with their presenter Georgina Godwin. I accepted, only to spend the following days worrying that I might have agreed to something beyond my capabilities. However, once on air, it all went well.  I even enjoyed myself.

‘So why are you in a bad mood?’ Peirene asks and taps with her hand the space on the sofa next to her, gesturing to me to sit down.

‘Because of the cow in my freezer,’ I repeat stubbornly.

‘I think you need to empty your mind. And then everything will fall into place,’ the Nymph says.

I roll my eyes. ‘And how I am supposed to do that?’

‘Close your eyes. Meditate. And wait for messages from the gods and goddesses.’

‘That won’t make the cow disappear from the freezer,’ I insist.

‘Not all at once, but little by little. Why don’t you start right now by making your poor husband and children Sunday lunch?’

I was about to ask what I should make when I received my divine inspiration. ‘Of course, roast beef – and lots of it’.

P.S: Peirene will be on Easter break for the next two weeks. So, I’ll be back here in two weeks’ time.

Image by Matthias Ripp.

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