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Sara Mesa & Katie Whittemore UK Tour

Un Amor by Sara Mesa, translated from Spanish by Katie Whittemore, went out to subscribers in the first week of May. Hopefully, by now, the last few copies will be landing on the doorsteps of our international subscribers. A simmering story of obsession and small-town unease,   Un Amor is the first UK publication for this best-selling Spanish author.  And the […]

Peirene launches six book subscription

Today is International Translation Day. Given that we publish nothing but international translations, we sometimes struggle to know how to celebrate it – every day is International Translation Day, right? But this year, we’ve really got something to shout about: we’re launching our expanded six book subscription.  Peirene started our novella series in 2010 – three translated […]

As the Eagle Flies: read an extract from the latest Peirene novella

Read the opening pages of Nolwenn Le Blevennec’s As the Eagle Flies, translated by Madeleine Rogers. Telling the story of an affair between two journalists with a sharp wit and a refreshing honesty, Le Blevennec uses literature, psychology, and popular culture to get to the heart of questions about love, family and identity. This is […]


Peirene Press Summer Sale – Up to 50% off

When does summer start for you? The first evening you can sit outside the pub past sunset in a t-shirt? When you suddenly remember tennis exists?  Or, is it when Peirene Press start their outrageously good-value Summer Sale?  Over the next six weeks, books on our site will be 25-50% off. That makes now the perfect time […]


The Love of Singular Men – Top 10 in Foyles

The Love of Singular Men has been in the Foyles top 10 bestsellers for two weeks in a row. Visit their Charing Cross Road store for early copies. Or to pre-order through our website Click Here


Katja Oskamp interviewed in the Irish Times

The Irish Times today released this lovely interview with Katja Oskamp, the author of Marzahn, Mon Amour and translator Jo Heinrich. Interviewed by author Edel Coffey, the article can be read at – Edel writes: “Marzahn, Mon Amour is a masterclass in perspective, with its Zen-like understanding of life, ageing and death. The book […]

MARZAHN, MON AMOUR by Katja Oskamp Awarded the Dublin Literary Award 2023

Dublin City Council announced on Thursday that German writer Katja Oskamp and translator Jo Heinrich had been selected as the winner of the 2023 Dublin Literary Award – the world’s most valuable annual prize for a single work of fiction with a prize of €100,000. The 2023 Judging Panel, led by Professor Chris Morash of […]

Translation Extract – Of Saints and Miracles

Of Saints and Miracles By Manuel Astur Translated from Spanish by Claire WadiePublished 06.07.22 This week we sent the next book in the Peirene novella subscription, Of Saints and Miracles, to the printers. And to celebrate we’ve selected an extract from the opening of the book to share with you. Reading it, you may feel that we’ve given away a […]