B-Day Party

Five years of weekly Peirene drama! Exactly five years ago to the day I started writing this blog. Every week – except for holidays – I have given you an account of my life with an ancient Greek Nymph. 225 entries in total, each entry on average Clever Cupcakes450 words long. That means I have produced just over 100, 000 words. Or in book page terms: a 400-page long psycho drama. Or in Peirene novella terms: a complete 3 book series.

However, unlike novels and novellas, this is not fiction. This is for real.

Whatever the weather between the Nymph and I, I have set down and recorded it for you. I have given you the naked truth: the glorious sunny days as much as the dark difficult hours.

I am surrounded by fiction every day. Writers invent the craziests of stories: such as Norwegian women being locked in rooms by their mothers and Kazakh boys who stop growing and never turn into men – just to mention our latest bizarre tales. The Nymph and I are often amazed by our authors’ ability to conjure up images and invent realities that exist nowhere else except on page.

We knew we couldn’t compete, so we decided to give you our everyday trials and tribulations instead.

It was Peirene’s idea. Five years ago I knew nothing about blog writing. In fact I wasn’t thrilled at all about the idea. It would be hard work and demand discipline. Wasn’t I busy enough running the publishing house?

‘No other publisher enjoys the support of an ancient Greek Nymph.’ I still remember Peirene flashing her eye lashes at me in irritation and indignation that I wasn’t jumping with joy at her suggestion of a weekly blog. ‘You can’t hide me away in your dingy office.’ She put her hands to her hips and threw an impatient glance up to heaven. ‘Because, may I just gently remind you, we are a team. And I like the world to know.’

I had to admit, I knew she had a point. Peirene deserves the world stage. Without her, neither the publishing house nor I would be where we are today. She is my inspiration and my muse. I bounce ideas off her, I fight with her and I grow with her. Sometimes I can’t bear her and wish she’d go back to her Ancient Greek world. Other times I love her so much I could hardly live without her.

I raise my glass to Peirene. And to you, my dear reader.  Because as we all know, a drama needs an audience, a blog needs readers. Thank you for visiting us week after week. Here is to the next five years.

Image by Clever Cupcake.

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