Sigrún Pálsdóttir

Sigrún Pálsdóttir is a writer and historian. Born in Reykjavík in 1967, she completed a PhD on the history of ideas at the University of Oxford in 2001, after which she was a research fellow and lecturer at the University of Iceland. She first came to prominence as a writer of historical biographies: the acclaimed Þóra biskups (2007, e. Thora: A Bishop’s Daughter) and Ferðasaga (e. Uncertain Seas) in 2010. Her first novel, Kompa (e. History: A Mess), was released in 2016 and her second, Delluferðin (e. Embroidery) in late 2019. History: A Mess was nominated for the Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize in 2016. Sigrún received The European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL) 2021 for Delluferðin (e. Embroidery).