An Occasion for a Hat

I love hats. Sadly there are not many occasions when I can wear them. And although I am pleased to be living nowadays, I do envy thegeography-fieldwork-photos-119 ladies from the 1920s for their hat-wearing fashion.

Last Saturday, however, I discovered the perfect occasion to wear a hat. Let me explain by way of a detour (or two).

At the moment, my children are away on summer camp. My husband plays cricket  on Saturday afternoons. So I had a glorious free day ahead of me. I decided to clear out my bookshelves. By the end I had thrown out over 120 books. A triumph! Clearing out books cleanses my mind and allows me to take stock of the imaginary roads I have travelled.

I do a personal book-clean-out every couple of years. Books – fiction and non-fiction – that I will never look at again, go. And the books that stay, relate to a subject I either was once researching or am still interested in. Therefore my bookshelves are not organized alphabetically nor according to genre, but according to themes.

I love themes. They are like boxes that give sense to apparently unrelated subject matters. That’s also the reason why I theme the Peirene books.

The third and final title in Peirene’s Series of the Man, will be published in September. With the publication of Maybe This Time Peirene will have two series out. The Series of the Female Voice and the Series of The Man.

As I was going through my bookshelves I suddenly realized that I had my perfect occasion for a hat: the launch of Maybe This Time and the closing off of Peirene’s second major theme.

I had seen the hat before in the shop window. But I had refrained from buying it. Now I rushed to the shop. Truth to tell I didn’t stop at the hat. I bought a matching outfit too: pencil skirt and a blouse.

So, my bookshelves have lost considerable weight and my purse has been lightened by a few pounds. The world needs more hats, more themes and fewer unread books. This Saturday I made good progress all round. I’m especially pleased with the hat  – which you can admire in the photograph above.

PS: I am on holiday and will be back here with the next episode of  The Pain & Passion of a Small Publisher at the beginning of September.

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