A Publisher’s Confession

I love Matt Damon. Yes, I do.  Whenever I see him I know that deep down we are meant for each other and that he, too, is pining for me. And one day he will come and rescue me. ‘Rescue you from what?,’ the Nymph asks matter-of-factly.  ‘Well,55054217_c259ba5242_z rescue me,’ I reply, rolling my eyes. What a silly question.

Peirene throws me a bemused glance over her reading glasses. ‘I thought you like to see yourself as a woman who didn’t need rescuing.’ I refrain from replying. Nymphs simply don’t understand.

Needless to say, Peirene refused to come with me to the cinema this weekend to watch The Martian. Her excuse: she was reading through the proofs of our next newspaper that Clara has just finished editing.

‘Brilliant film.’ I walk back into the office with shining eyes. ‘Matt D and space and perfect teamwork where everyone is determined to give their best.’

‘Hollywood schlock,’ Peirene mumbles without diverting her eyes from the screen. ‘I’m embarrassed to be working with someone with such mainstream tastes,’ she adds.

I ignore her last comment. ‘And the final line was wonderful. Matt says that if you want to survive or try to make something happen you have to solve one problem after the other – step after step after little step.’

‘Absolutely ‘ Peirene says in a sarcastic tone.

‘Why that tone?’ I settle at my desk.

‘While you are busy indulging in teenage phantasies, some of us have worked very hard. Solving one problem after another. Clara is the real hero. The newspaper is outstanding. Have you seen it?’

‘I glanced at it. I can’t wait till it comes back from the printers.’ I pause, then continue: ‘By the way, that’s an example of perfect teamwork.’

‘Perfect teamwork? I didn’t see you becoming involved.’

‘I didn’t have to. The newspaper editorial is Clara’s domain. Not only did she fulfill her job. She exceeded my expectations.’

‘Aren’t we lucky with Clara,’ the Nymph states. I nod. ‘We are indeed.’

However, suddenly a wicked grin appears on Peirene’s face:  ‘But you won’t be so lucky with Matt. Judging by the film, it’s Matt that needs rescuing from Mars. And, what’s more, he is saved by a woman – so I don’t think he will be saving you.’

‘How do you know?’ At first I’m slightly bewildered. Then it dawns on me: ‘You have seen the film too!’ I am laughing. Evidently Peirene is a secret Matt Damon fan but she can’t bring herself to admit it.

Image by richard, creative commons.

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