A Love Letter from The Nymph

Heart Book. Image by jcarlosn

Dear Subscriber,

you brighten my day, light enters my soul when I think of you. You make my life with Meike and the Peirene Ladies worthwhile.

You might think that you are for me just another name on a list, another customer, another credit card or paypal transaction.

You are so wrong!

Each one of you has a special place in my Ancient Greek heart. The thought of you makes me get out of bed in the morning and gives me the courage to work through the day. To each one of you I blow kisses before I go to sleep.

There is Chris, a publishing colleague from Malta. Thanks to him, half of the Maltese population have become Peirene subscribers. Including his mother.

Joy wrote: ‘Thank you for bringing Peirene into my life – the beautiful books, and everything that is bound up with them (especially the Maya Centre), is a soothing balm that makes my heart sing.’ Three of her friends will receive a Peirene gift subscription this Christmas.

On Friday I picked up the phone. It was Cathy. She had recently received her first book subscription from us. ‘The best present I have received in a long while,’ she said and ordered five Christmas gift subscription for her friends across the UK and US.

And sometimes you even send me beautiful Christmas cards. ‘A very small thank you for all the many happy hours I’ve spend reading your Peirene books,’ wrote Christiane.

I know who has been a subscriber for years, who is new, who works their way through our books, who has left out which book and which series. And I ponder about the ‘why’ and what that says about you – and me.

Thank you for your support. I will do my best to be a good Greek Nymph (and will make sure Meike doesn’t fall too far behind).


The Nymph


Image by jcarlosn.

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