A Father’s Joy

We have send Peirene’s first ever newspaper to the printers. It is the most exciting thing that has happened in the Peirene world in recentProud Father. Image by  paws22weeks.After I had given the green light to send the files to the printers, I couldn’t do any more work. I jumped up from my chair and went for a run.

This is not my baby. All glory goes to Peirene’s designer Sacha Davison-Lunt. She conceived the idea and made it happen. She spent the sleepless nights and countless hours thinking,  tweeking and twisting it until the newspaper looked as it should. I simply nodded and provided the items of content she requested. Peirene’s newspaper is a design masterpiece. The best-looking newspaper you will ever hold in your hands.

I am like a man, whose wife has just given birth. During labour I patted her hand, encouraging her to hang in there. Now I am the proud father eager to present the baby to my friends and relations.

There have been a couple of other occasions this year where I felt the same. When I watched Lisa Dwan perform Beside the Sea at the South Bank Centre in March, I was overcome by a beautiful sensation of pride. Lisa received the inspiration for the play from a Peirene text. But what was happening up on stage, had grown far beyond The Nymph and me. And then a couple of weeks ago, Peirene was awarded for the second year running a major Arts Council Grant. Maddy Pickard, Peirene’s marketing director, worked out our marketing strategy for 2013, set new targets and wrote the application. She even dreamt about it, she told me. I simply checked the figures.

I am into fathering children now. I don’t mind giving birth myself. But you can only do it a few times. I’ve now discovered the excitement when others give birth.  I also enjoy the pleasure of praising mothers and showing off their babies to an admiring world.

Image by paws22.

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