Best Star Author: all Peirene’s authors are Star Authors, bien sur. But the prize this year has to go to Friedrich Christian Delius, author No 3,img_3158 for being stoic and resilient when visiting this island. Christian is an author who fills huge lecture halls  in Germany. Here he gave a star performance in a bookshop to an audience of seven. And for publicity reasons he revealed it all on twitter: The truth about Paul McCartney & Friedrich D. – based on a real story.

Best Newspaper Review: Nicholas Lezard’s Beside the Sea. The only newspaper critic who was brave enough to mentioned the Elephant in the Room. The Nymph was thrilled.

Best High-Heels: BBC journalist Rosie Goldsmith who hosted a wonderful evening with Blake Morrison and Friedrich Delius. However, the absolute star of the show was her gorgeous red High Heels.

Best One-Liner about Peirene: “Two-hour books to be devoured in a single sitting: literary cinema for those fatigued by film.” The nymph will be forever grateful to Madeline Clements and the TLS.

Best Publisher’s Portrait: It has to be Richard Lea. He called me a D’Artagnan on the Guardian Book Blog!

Best Stunning Dress: Christina Mora’s, Maria Barbal’s agent, elegant little black number, which she wore for the Stone in a Landslide celebratory dinner in the summer. A great agent in a fab dress.

Best Blogger: Difficult. Difficult. We are in awe of the blogger scene. Some have already got special mention in our newsletter. But the overall prize will go to Kim Forrester who ventured out of cyberspace into physical reality and  hosted a brilliant Peirene author event with Friedrich Christian Delius.

Best Book Shop: Waterstone’s. Yep, sorry – I know this is not PC, but they embraced the Nymph whole-heartedly. And Peirene just loves to be displayed on Must Read tables and Best Buys Shelves.

Best Star Employee: Maddy Pickard, Peirene’s Marketing Director, who manages to sell Peirene books even on twitter –with a beautiful digital smile free of charge.

Best Literary Prize: Eight Cuts Gallery Prize – because they short-listed Peirene stating “however good the books, the Press itself matters.” Pure music to the ears of a nymph.

Best Celeb Party of the Year: Launch of Stone in a Landslide with actress Claire Skinner (“Outnumbered”) and two TV camera crews. Glamour Lit Bizz as you’ve never seen it before.

Best Salon: No 7 with Costa short-listed, TS Eliot nominated, Robin Robertson – because he was the only author who nearly brought me flowers.

Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen Guten Rutsch. See you all back here at the beginning of January.