Peirene Now!

Whilst European literature is our bread-and-butter, and we will never stray far from it, in 2015 we encountered a challenge. There were books we wanted to see written – urgent, contemporary fiction – that we couldn’t find. Working only with translations meant that if we wanted to publish something on a specific subject, but couldn’t find anything in Finland or Spain, let’s say, we were stuck. So we decided we needed to launch a new series, in which we would work closely with writers, and commission fiction on current political topics.


Peirene Now! No. 1
breach by Olumide Popoola & Annie Holmes

breach was published in August 2016. Based on interviews undertaken by the authors at the Calais refugee camp known as The Jungle, the short stories in breach tackle an issue we can no longer ignore. For more information, see here.




Peirene Now! No. 2
The Cut by Anthony Cartwright

The Cut will be published in June 2017. It is a Brexit novel. The story offers a fictional response to a complex issue. It is also a plot-driven page-turner by one of the most exciting novelists in the country. For more information, see here.




Peirene Now! No. 3
Shatila Stories

We are currently planning Peirene Now! No. 3. Our publisher Meike and Syrian editor Suhir Helal are working with nine writers from the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon to create a collaborative work of fiction to be published in 2018. For more information, click here.