3 December 2015

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.

(Albert Einstein)


Best Pet: A speaking gorilla. Comes highly recommended. Learn all about this intriguing companion in The Man I Became, the first book in our 2016 Fairy Tale series.

Best Praise: ‘Am occasionally tempted to kiss my postman. Perfect timing for the Bank Holiday weekend.’ Twitterer & subscriber Paola Ruocco on receiving a new Peirene book

Best Shoe Designer: Chie Mihara. Favourite with Meike, Sacha and – of course - the Nymph.

Best New Friend: Counterpoint Arts, run by energetic, organised men. Peirene’s so impressed that next year we will donate 50p of each book we sell to them.

Best Press Quote: ‘Like cold settling into bone, the sensation of horror creeps up with unshakeable stealth.’ Claire Allfree in the Daily Mail on Peirene No 18, The Looking-Glass Sisters

Best Subscriber: My mother-in-law. She reads every Peirene book – even the ones she finds a bit dark. And, she has signed up to our new Direct Debit scheme. She clearly is a woman who knows the way to my heart :-)

Best Whisky: 16 year old Lagavulin. Exclusively served at the Peirene Salon.

Best Blogger Quote: 'A fun, intriguing, and unusual novella that deserves to be one of Peirene’s greatest successes.' Simon Thomas, of Shiny New Books on Peirene No 17, Reader for Hire

Best New Recruits: Percy and Charlie. Cool 16-year olds. Into foreign lit. They are currently making their way through the Peirene books and will be selling them at our stalls next year.

Best Nymph: I think you can guess. Clue: The most irritating - and lovely – creature at Peirene HQ.

Thank you for your companionship and support throughout 2015.

Happy Christmas and einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr.

Best wishes Meike