3 December 2014

Glamour is what I sell, it's my stock in trade.

(Marlene Dietrich)


Best Nymph Moment: Blaming a Celtic Gremlin for losing the post at Peirene HQ.

Best Hour of Fame: When our Salon featured on Radio 4’s Open Book.

Best Long Johns: Jen’s. She tested them all to find the perfect pair to keep her warm when she is selling books at the Roaming Stall in stormy weather.

Best PeiWoman: Birgit Vanderbeke, author of The Mussel Feast. (Peirene No10). First ever Peirene author short-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

Best Glamour Smile: Clara’s. A smile that lasts an hour while she is standing outside tube stations in the early mornings, distributing our newspaper.

Best Twitter Day: March 19th. 200 responses in two hours following Jen’s request to help us compile a list of Peirene’s 100 Must Reads in Translation. We’ve now published the list in our newspaper.

Best Blockbuster: Tomorrow Pamplona (Peirene No5). The English film rights have been sold. At a big screen near you very soon.

Best ClassCiv Prize Winner: Meike. Her son received the Year 9 prize for Classical Civilisation. It should have gone to her actually. She revised for the both of them.

Best Bookshop: Persephone. It’s where the Peirene Book Club meets. The Nymph would love to own a shop just like it.

Best Person Peirene can’t do without: Sacha, her designer. Oh, the Nymph is so fickle. Her credo: First looks, then content.

Thank you for reading our books, for buying our books, for engaging in conversation with us throughout 2014.

Eine schoene Adventszeit. Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Best wishes Meike