1 December 2009

"What a superb translator. This extraordinary and eloquent novella - a true tour de force -has made me long to find more of Delius's work straightway."

(Miranda Seymour on Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman,  Peirene Title No 3)

Of course Peirene couldn’t resist to put this fantastic, glittering quote among her Christmas decorations. Perhaps I might even put some little lovely borders around it and hang it up on the Christmas tree – as a lucky charm. May we receive many such quotes for future Peirene Titles.

I now wish I could tell you to go and buy Peirene’s first three books. But their publication dates are still forthcoming – good stuff takes time. However, I am not totally empty handed and indeed it is still within my nymph’s power to make your Christmas truly unforgettable. If you are a critic, a writer, a journalist, a lit blogger, a bookseller – just shout and a review copy of Peirene Title No1, Beside the Sea will appear underneath your Christmas tree. And if you are a general lovely reader who would like to read an advance review copy and tell me their opinion, just send an e-mail meike.ziervogel@peirenepress.com. I will post out copies of Beside the Sea to the first ten requesters. These books will be all nicely wrapped up in pretty festive paper and with lovely Christmas greetings from me.

But just in case – and for reasons which are totally beyond me – you don’t want to review an advance copy of a fantastic French novella and prefer instead to count the days until its publication date – 4th of February! - I will happily point you towards another short novel. Peirene would have loved to publish it if it hadn’t already been translated. “Helena or the Sea in the Summer” by Spanish writer Julian Ayesta. Many consider it one of the ten most important Spanish prose works of the 20th century. The book tells an initiation story, in which summer and sea become symbols for the boundlessness and immensity of first love.

So, whatever book you opt for - review copy of Beside the Sea or Helena - I am sure Peirene and I have just solved all your Christmas worries.

Have a wonderful festive month.

Best wishes Meike